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We Are Here To Serve You

We do not sell marketing. We promote growth. Most agencies prioritize foosball tables and downtown views over results and action. We are not that agency.

Sure, we like to have fun. And we do! But we never put our Ping-Pong skills ahead of the people who keep us in business: our clients.

Our decisions impact thousands of businesses around the nation. More importantly, there are real people counting on us to grow their business. It is a responsibility and a privilege we take seriously.

Why Choose Us

Behind the logos and brick walls of every business are people who need our help. Clients and employees expect us to fight for the best results, tools, and processes. We are never afraid to advocate for our people.
Digital marketing is cutting edge. It demands a hunger for knowledge. To keep ahead of our competitors, and our clients’ competitors, an insatiable drive is not only welcome, but required.
From every email sent to every marketing strategy developed, we know our actions have far-reaching consequences. Thoughtfulness pervades our daily decisions. Decisions are not made for the sake of being made. They are made to get results. If we make a mistake, we own it quickly and resolve it swiftly.
Operating in this fast-paced industry requires leaders who are willing to take risks, are ambitious, and always know that good enough is never good enough. We turn challenges into opportunities that strengthen our values, solidify our confidence, and reaffirm our commitment to those who rely on us.

What We Do

Pay Per Click – PPC

With our pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management, in addition to our organic Search Engine Optimization and search engine optimized content writing, we help you to make an instant impact on traffic to your site. With our ongoing SEO, your organic search rankings will improve over time, the PPC campaign will ensure a steady flow of traffic right away. We’ve found that this two-pronged approach helps you to burst onto the scene, and then stay there.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a critical element in staying connected with your audience. We encourage you to actively participate in your business’s social media efforts, but if the challenges of running a business leave you without time (or interest) for participating in a social media campaign, we will happily do so for you. We put our knowledge of search engine optimization to use and highlight new content on your site, upcoming events, special offers on products, and anything else that might be important.

Search Engine Optimization

Tired of being overlooked by Google and the other search engines? Through careful Keyword research and white-hat practices we can help you achieve high rankings in the major search engines. Bluprint’s custom built WordPress sites are created using solid SEO principles which ongoing SEO will enhance. We are transparent about our organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, and have proven success at raising search engine rankings and increasing traffic (and business) to your site.

Website Design

We build search engine optimized websites that are mobile device ready, and we put a lot of effort into getting to know your business so we can set up a site that helps you meet your business objectives. Our sites are custom built in WordPress, which means that you, (or anyone you have assigned administration to) can login and easily make edits. The end product is a beautiful site that you can maintain easily yourself, which ranks well in search engines and drives your business objectives for you.

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